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Blockchain – The Inevitable Disruption

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Blockchain: the inevitable disruption of financial, legal and public services

We live in times of great technological developments. One technology that is already here with us today will disrupt the global economy, the fabric of society and the way of conducting business more than any other. This technology is not artificial intelligence; it is not Big Data; it is not the self-driving car. This technology is the Blockchain.

The Blockchain is the software substrate on which the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been built. While the Bitcoin is certainly controversial, the idea that the underlying Blockchain technology is much more significant for business is gaining more and more mindshare. New and significant innovations can be built on top of the Blockchain.

Some sectors will be exposed sooner, and more, than others to the effects of the Blockchain technology. Just like the Internet disintermediated media companies, postal services, and many other industries, the Blockchain will disintermediate and disrupt banking, financial services, insurance, legal service and the public sector too.

In this brief information seminar, you will learn what the Blockchain is, why it is so disruptive and what core business functions it will impact. In particular, you will understand why so many industry sectors and professionals will have to seriously rethink their way of doing business.

Maybe you are one of those professionals.

Who should attend?

This free information seminar presents a specific topic, the Blockchain, which will have extremely vast impact on any sector where business transactions occur. Therefore the seminar is addressed at a broad audience: anybody at any management/professional level who works in financial, legal or public services, or related businesses. The seminar is for:

  • Bankers and investment professionals
  • Executive/Non-executive directors serving on boards of MFSA licensed entities
  • Corporate service providers, and financial/tax advisors
  • Audit and accounting professionals
  • Compliance professionals and compliance officials
  • Investors and shareholders
  • Brokers and financial market operators
  • Insurance and risk professionals
  • Lawyers, legal and notarial professionals
  • Legislators and regulators
  • Financial authorities representatives and public service officers
  • iGaming and IT professionals
  • Real estate agents
  • Business strategists
  • Journalists


Steve TendonSteve Tendon, MSc. is the Managing Director of TameFlow Consulting Limited. He is an adviser, consultant, coach, mentor, speaker and author. His professional focus is on innovation in the field of organizational and systems performance. Currently a student of the MIT Fintech Future of Commerce course with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), he’s researching the impact of Blockchain technologies on organizations and society.

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