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Apollo 13 – An IT Service Management Case Experience

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With the growing importance of IT to all organizations ITSM is becoming a strategic capability. Many organizations have invested heavily in best practice frameworks such as ITIL®, yet are not achieving the hoped for value. 

In this simulation real life situations taken from the Apollo 13 mission are experienced. You will work in a team, playing the roles of the Mission Control Center in Houston. Your mission: bring the crippled spacecraft and its crew safely home. By doing so, you and your colleagues will learn and experience all the benefits of ITSM best practice solutions such as ITIL. The full simulation is played over 4 rounds. 

Simulation Sessions

Round 1: Build and Launch – Fitting it all together and making it fly

Round 2: Earth orbit and Lunar approach – The earth is getting smaller and smaller

Round 3: Transearth coastThe long journey home

Round 4: Re-entry and splashdown – Making it back alive

Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives are dependent upon what your organization is trying to achieve, where you are on your ITSM journey and the problems and issues you are trying to solve. These are some of the objectives that can be achieved during this training: 

  • how to apply Continual Service Improvement in a pragmatic way and capture concrete takeaway improvements. 
  • how to integrate People, Process, Products and Partners to enable you to deliver value. 
  • how good management tooling will help manage & control the workflow and support knowledge sharing. 
  • how to effectively communicate and collaborate the importance of clearly defined, agreed, understood Tasks, roles & responsibilities. 

Participants and Requirements 

Managers and employees wanting to:

  • see, feel and experience the benefits of process based ways of working.
  • identify improvements to their working processes.
  • translate best practice theory into practice (e.g. ITIL).
  • Teams wanting to:
  • improve communication and collaboration.
  • become better performing teams.


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