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Business Networking is all about building relationships with professional contacts and potential clients; it’s a vital skill but not one that everyone feels comfortable or confident with.

This course gives participants the opportunity to learn how to network with confidence.

You’ll learn how to use your own style to put yourself and others at ease; the emphasis is very much on building relationships rather than on selling. Have you ever thought about how to shake hands with someone? On the course you will find out how to do so; you’ll also find out how to easily join and leave groups without feeling awkward or making excuses.

Learning occurs largely through discussions and practical exercises such as role plays. You may find yourself participating in whole group or small group discussions, working in pairs or by yourself using tools and techniques that will enable you to discover how to network effectively. The role paly exercises help to cement your learning and ensure you leave the course feeling more confident about entering networking situations.


Session 1 – Before the Event

● Set an objective
● Optimise your LinkedIn profile
● Review your elevator pitch
● Prepare yourself

Session 2 – At the Event

● Meeting people
● Shaking hands
● Introducing yourself
● Asking questions

Session 3 – Follow Up

● Finding a strategy that works

Learning Outcomes

● The goal of networking
● Preparing to network
● Managing the networking opportunity
● Building the relationship
● Following up

Participants and Requirements

Staff who need to build professional relationships

● within their profession but outside their business
● with potential clients
Participants must attend the Elevator Pitch course before attending the course.


Certificate of attendance


1 day