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Elevator Pitch


Your elevator pitch is a short speech you use when talking to colleagues and potential clients. Your pitch should be interesting, memorable, and succinct. It also needs to explain what makes you, your organisation, product, or idea unique.

The name comes from the idea that it’s possible to introduce yourself, you organisation or your product in the time it takes to make a short elevator ride.

The idea is often associated with selling products, however, everyone, in all jobs has to sell themselves and therefore, regardless of the job you do, you need an elevator pitch.

Learning occurs largely through discussions and practical exercises such as role plays. You may also find yourself working individually, in pairs or groups using tools and techniques to help you identify your USP and craft your pitch.


Session 1 – What is an elevator pitch?

● Brainstorm our understanding of what it is

Session 2 – Writing your elevator pitch

● Length – number of words, number of seconds
● Elevator pitch elements – you’ll need to introduce yourself and what you do, identify your ideal customer and your USP, decide what you want to happen next and create an attention getting hook
● An example pitch

Session 3 – Delivering your pitch

● Practice your pitch with a fellow participant, receive feedback, review your pitch and practice again

Learning Outcomes

● Define what an elevator pitch is
● Write your elevator pitch
● Deliver your elevator pitch

Participants and Requirements

Staff who need to introduce themselves to contacts in their business or other business and potential clients.
Participants must attend this course before attending the Networking course.
Up to 18 people can attend this course.


Certificate of attendance


1/2 day