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Sales Techniques on the Phone


Participants will be able to develop an increased appreciation for the importance of their role within the Sales and Customer Service, dealing daily with customers and ensuring that all clients are treated appropriately with a view to providing a quality service. Participants will also be introduced to communication skills that are required to work professionally with difficult or unsatisfied customers. The participants will also be introduced to effective customer service practices, and learn to meet and if possible surpass customer expectations. The Sales and Customer Service team members will be able to experience a shared organisational customer service vision, focusing not only on developing their personal customer service skills, but also in improving the effectiveness of their service as a whole. The course will also seek to increase employee competency and improve communication skills, focusing on the business objective of client retention and quality of service provided. The course uses a range of approaches to learning, including presentations, experiential group activities, individual exercises, questionnaires, mini-case studies, role plays and discussions. Formal inputs are used to introduce underpinning theory and concepts. A key part of the learning process is learning from past mistakes committed, as well as understanding the need to always give priority to the customer.


Session 1 – The Importance of Customer Service
  • Customer service Rules
  • What is Customer Service and why is excellent Customer Service important?
  • Moments of Truth
  • Beyond customer satisfaction
  • Effects of poor customer service
  • Who are your customers, and why should you understand them?
  • Customer Service best practices
  • 8 Rules of customer service
  • Customer empathy
  • Practical Exercises on Customer Service Skills
  Session 2 – Communication Skills
  • The importance of Communication
  • Channels & Barriers of Communication
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting yourself – making good first impressions
  • 5 levels of Listening
  • Active listening and its’ benefits
  • Understanding the customer requirements
  • Becoming an active listener
  • Customising the service or product to the client
  • Telephone Skills
  • Smiling on the Phone
  • Practical Exercises on Sales Skills
  Session 3 – “How to” Skills
  • How to help a client
  • How to deal with a demanding client
  • How to handle complaints
  • Being aware of ethnic, cultural and religious differences
  • Etiquette at all times whilst selling
  • How to seek continuous improvement in the quality of the services provided
  • How to ensure customers are satisfied with the service provided
  • How to understand customers’ real needs – going beyond what the customer thinks that is needed to what the customer actually needs
  • How to deal with customer complaints and demanding clients
  • How to differentiate the service provided from that provided by other organisations
  • Questions and close of course

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the fundamental customer care skills
  • Identifying the Customer Service’s “Moments of Truth”
  • Identifying key components that promote customer retention and loyalty
  • Utilising interpersonal communication skills as vital tools in providing excellent customer service
  • Understanding and practicing empathy and professional etiquette
  • Understanding and working with empathy in sales
  • Learning to listen to one’s own voice and how others are being treated
  • Developing the necessary understanding of internal and external customer expectations
  • Demonstrate how to deal with difficult customers effectively
  • Understanding the need for quality service
  • Being aware of cultural differences with clients and how to deal with such differences
  • How to build effective customer relationships for lasting business relationships
  • Being aware of the importance of product and service knowledge
  • Learning how to follow-up with clients to “delight” them

Participants and Requirements

Customer Service, Sales staff and any other customer-facing personnel.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

3.5 days

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