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Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies


The participants of this course will:
  • Develop a range of communication skills that will assist and learn to use different styles as required
  • Learn the art of negotiation, focusing upon the ultimate objective that would have been predetermined prior to communicating
  • Take command of one’s own interpersonal skills, and motivate others towards the team’s effective achievement of objectives
  • Learn the psychological aspects to consider when deciding on using electronic communication tools
  • Understand the effects that one’s communication styles and language used has on the achievement of the objectives, and how others are influenced accordingly
  • Learn the proven techniques of public speaking in delivering effective presentations
  • Develop key communication skills which are utilized in different situations on a daily basis
  • Equip course participants with the necessary communication skills to better achieve the organizational objectives through better interaction, improved interdepartmental communications and better customer service
  • Learning how to use the different communication styles and in which situations
  • Developing people presentation skills, hence equipping course participants with the necessary techniques to communicate effectively
  • Learn to influence behavior through effective communication, providing tailor-made messages that spur other people to action


Session 1: The Importance of Communication
  • Introducing Business Communication
  • The Communication Cycle
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Principles of Communication
  • Structuring Communications
  • The vital role played by Business Communications
  • Communications techniques and activities
  Session 2: Written, Oral and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication: Business Letters, Memoranda, Formal documents, Policies and Procedures
  • Using E-mail and other technological applications to effect
  • Oral communication techniques: preparation, presentation, delivery, evaluation
  • The ingredients of effective presentations and reports
  • Non-verbal communication: facts and features
  • Planning and designing a clear and concise message
  Session 3: Communicating with Customers and other Stakeholders
  • The importance of listening: paying attention to other available information
  • Dealing and meeting with Customers and Suppliers
  • The role of business communications within the organisation
  • Communication systems used to influence positively
  • Management styles of business communications
  • Social Media and business communications
  Session 4: Motivating Action and Practice
  • Motivating people to action
  • Practical sessions: 2 sessions where participants will be asked to deliver concise messages they would have been asked to prepare in Session 2
  • Feedback and Discussion on Messages presented
  • Summary of course
  • Close of course

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and discover innovative leadership communication techniques that drive business value within teams, thus becoming a more effective leader
  • Learn and develop best practices in communication for influencing peers, managers, and other stakeholders
  • Learn different techniques of communication, thus ensuring that the respective message is received and understood as intended, be this a positive or negative message.  
  • Utilising communication techniques to motivate team members to achieve higher performance levels.
  • Learning how to communicate clearly and confidently in different situations.
  • Understanding how to make the most of electronic means of communication.
  • Learn how to prepare and deliver credible and convincing messages to different audiences. how to build a culture that promotes trust, integrity and high performance
  • Analyse and understand the key elements of negotiation

Participants and Requirements

This course is designed for managers responsible for key functions, processes, projects or clients and who wish to make better use of communication strategies to improve organisational performance.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

4 sessions of 3 hours each

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