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Focus 360 Inventory Management

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Focus 360 Inventory is an Inventory Management Software that provides the necessary controls to manage your assets with emphasis on facilities to reduce wastage and pilferage.  This is coupled with powerful reporting tools to interrogate the detailed transaction database to produce critical management information. It also interfaces to the Focus 360 Financials and to other popular third party accounting packages to facilitate and automate book-keeping.

The Focus 360 Inventory Management Software supports the recording of details on stock items in the necessary level of detail. It provides the necessary search facilities that will enable your staff to locate a required item with ease and confidence. Additionally, the purchasing module enables you to record purchases of stock from suppliers. Stock may be retained at any location or warehouse run by the firm and the system will provide functionality to record transfers between such locations. This will give you full visibility of the availability of stock at any location. It will also assist with stock-take procedures which you may wish to run periodically at the relevant locations.

Key Features

Stock Items

  • Support for an unlimited number of stock items;
  • Unlimited number of user-defined stock groups and sub-groups used for reporting, operational and accounting purposes;
  • User-defined packing factors, such that stock may be purchased in one unit of measure and sold, or transferred between stores, in a different unit of measure;
  • Preferred re-order levels by stock item and store;
  • Support for barcode printing & scanning and multiple bar-codes per item;
  • Support for stock with best before/expiry date, with tracking of lot numbers;
  • Support for Item Variants representing the association of similar stock items, such as clothing in different colours and sizes,  simplifying data input and item coding;
  • Facility to link several stock items into one manufactured product to compile a Bill of Materials or assembly;
  • Support for a list of user-defined fields that may be required for the capture of product attributes and specifications;
  • Facility to print labels in a variety of formats to fit boxes of different sizes;
  • Automated costing of stock items based on last received cost, average weighted cost or manually defined standard cost;
  • Capture of images, specifications and user-defined meta tags for web site;
  • Facility to import details of stock items from spreadsheet;
  • Provides access to information on a need-to-know basis;

Locations and Stores

  • Unlimited number of locations, typically representing physical buildings such as main stores and warehouses. These may be further sub-divided into as many stores as required;
  • Stores may be further divided into bins, racks and shelves so that each stock item may be associated with the exact physical location where it is stored;
  • Pre-define which stock groups are housed in which store to reduce errors when recording receipt of goods and stock  movements;

Supplier Orders

  • Prices for purchased goods are maintainable by supplier or by stock item to provide visibility of optimal prices during negotiations with suppliers or compiling of purchase orders;
  • Maintenance of Supplier details with a link to Focus 360 Purchase Ledger for the easy retrieval of supplier details;
  • Support for recording of purchase orders, email PO to supplier, inputting of non-vendor costs and taxations for accurate costings of goods received;
  • Finalise your PO only when you have received all the documents and costs. You may issue the goods as soon as these are received, even though the PO may have not yet been finalised.
  • Extensive reporting on stock life expectancy and suggested re-orders based on consumption for prior period and same period last year;
  • Online or batch posting of supplier invoices to Focus 360 Purchase Ledger (or to other  popular 3rd party accounting systems)

Requisitions and Inter-location Transfers

  • Support for internal requisitions so that issues from stores can be accurately  monitored and costed;
  • Support for inter-location transfers originating from requisitions in order to encourage departments and stores to plan ahead their requests for replenishment of inventory;
  • Ability to add physical documents as attachments to Inter-location Transfers; Requisitions and Purchase Orders;

Stock Adjustments and Stock-take

  • Support for manual stock adjustments including the recording of breakages, pilferage and abnormal consumption;
  • Automated or manual stock revaluation process with options to use average weighted cost or last received cost, both options requiring user confirmation;
  • Stock-life expectancy calculator
  • Extensive functionality for periodical stock-takes, enabling a stock-take of a sub-section of a store to be carried out with less interruptions to daily operations;
  • Print stock-take return slips with/without quantities for noting physical quantities or record these via the tablet version for ultimate portability.

Reports & Data-Mining

Extensive in-built reporting including Stock Balances List, Stock Cards, Supplier Price Lists, Budget Cost Analysis, Stock Life Expectancy, Purchase Price Statistics, Sales Margin reports, Consumption reports and Sales by Outlet;

View screen enquiries detailing stock balances and stock movements, stock ageing, supplier price comparatives via charts and much more;

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