Focus 360 Business Management Software - Agilis

Focus 360 Business Management Software

Agilis Ltd is the Maltese Islands representative for the Focus 360 Business Suite, a modern tried & tested comprehensive Business Management Software System (ERP) that provides the necessary controls to enable the best management of your business. The system is intrinsically designed to offer solutions through a newly found Business Advantage.

1. Inventory Management

  • Full management of Your Inventory
  • Quicken up your processes with Barcode scanning
  • Combine products with Bill of material
  • Automated item costing
  • Ensure the right amounts through Stock life expectancy functionality
  • Improve your accounts through Online book-keeping
  • Semi-automatic pricing updates for quicker & more updated distribution of goods


2. Point of Sale

  • Integrated & Comprehensive POS
  • Secure Z-Read
  • Service bookings
  • Quick action through Hotkeys
  • Handles multiple Currencies


3. Wholesale & Distribution

  • Quote and Sell your stock through comprehensive Quotations & Sales Orders
  • Auto suggested picking lists for quicker distribution
  • Integrated Business Intelligence for more informed decisions


4. eShop Online Website

  • Increase your audience through an SEO friendly eSHOP website
  • Sell (and up-sell) stock online through an Integrated hopping Cart


5. Financials

  • Produce P&L and Balance Sheet anytime for Clearer Control
  • In-depth management reporting to tackle all areas of your Business
  • Full transaction audit trail for maximum control
  • Free format invoices for Flexible working practices
  • Chase debtors more efficiently through aged balances reports
  • Emailing of statements at the click of a button
  • Quicker payments through SEPA uploads


6. Focus 360 Mobile (Sales Team Automation)

  • Online Items Catalogue
  • Filtering by brand / stock group & more
  • Personalised pricelists for different clients
  • Quick action through Real-time Sales orders
  • Improve team-work through viewing / editing / sharing Staff Scheduling
  • Collect your payments quicker through real-time recording of payments
  • Z-Read
  • Staff can view their pending tasks list
  • Messaging mechanism with tagging
  • Tighter control through GPS Enabled reports
  • Improve your sales through Increased Visual Engagement


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Why choose Focus 360?

Integrated Strategic Business Platform

Being an integrated system, Focus 360 Business Suite serves as a solid foundation to create and/or maintain a strategic business platform integrating all these elements in a very innovative way. Using the latest technology, it provides you with a user-friendly product which empowers you with valuable knowledge through a centralised processing approach!  An integrated BIG DATA mining tool gives Focus 360 unlimited potential in producing Business Intelligence, from customised reports to detailed charts and invaluable insights into your business daily routine and strategy alike.

Infinitely Enhance Your Data

Focus 360 Business Suite infinitely enhances your data management capabilities by offering an infrastructure which uncovers answers to critical questions from events, operations and machines, simply and innovatively. How can this Business Management Software (ERP) help you?

  • Improve your product/services: Through the centralisation of data from a variety of sources the system helps you not only to obtain feedback about your products and services but also to turn data into a precious database of knowledge.
  • Strengthen your financial management by making better commercial decisions: Through the accurate posting of daily financial entries and the flawless production of financial management reports, Focus 360 Business Suite helps you to produce the right pricing positioning strategies, creating/maintaining the right frameworks for incentivising your sales outlets or partners and nurturing that all important bottom-line.
  • Extend your reach: Focus 360 Business Suite seamlessly integrates websites for internet, extranets and intranets all of which are available on multiple devices. In simple words, it is an extension of your business outlets via the World Wide Web providing you with the latest methods of data entry, sales and product displays.
  • Continuously update your marketing strategies: Increase your customer engagement levels to previously unregistered levels. Through the integrated marketing modules you can not only gather precious information from clients, but also increase your client base and reach, and build a rapport which lasts.
  • Create a reliable network of information: This suite of products has a solution for all the departments in your company: Sales, Marketing, I.T., Accounts, or Top level management. It is bomb-proof network of information with multiple levels of access according to your position in the company. The aim is to help you harness previously unthinkable levels of efficiency and effectiveness and a better work-life balance.
  • Loosen up on unnecessary pressure in your offices: Automated processes frees up your time to actually tackle meetings and other duties you long to find more time for!
  • Renovate your Image: Image is key…. With more time on your hands through automated process you can actually focus more on maintaining higher standards of marketing, better training for employees, CSR activities and public relations to name a few. Our software also offers a state of the art website, which makes your presence on the Web not only superior but also more accessible through integrated SEO optimisation technologies.
More reasons to have confidence
  • Improves your bottom-line: Creates prospects for cost-saving and increases sales opportunities, Extensive financial & management reporting
  • Easy to use: Full visibility of your data from one system, user-friendly with a shorter learning curve, create and save customisable grids and screens
  • Reach out further: Integrated SEO friendly website, extensive marketing mailshot facilities, customer loyalty tracking, intra/extranet/internet ordering facilities, CRM & Marketing Support
  • Provides Full Accountability: Audit-trail highlighting changes, drill-down on transaction history, add notes and attachments, access rights by group or user
  • Gives you full control: Full visibility of operations performance, centralisation of data, essential business support to multiple companies & databases, real-time capture and processing of data, provides access to information on a need-to-know basis
  • Empowers better Decisions: Reporting by Group, department, outlet, store, company and more, creates a solid platform for Strategic development & maintenance, creates framework for faster and better daily-decision making, robust basis for in-depth analytics, comprehensive access to specific information through drill-down facilities
  • Provides Flexibility: Support for unlimited user defined fields of any type for classification and grouping, support for multi-currency, Free-format invoices with rich-text support, export facility & support to 3rd party software such as Excel/PDF/e-mail/web, flexible & automated frameworks for performing routine operations, scalable & customisable installation
  • Saves time and money: Improves cash-flow management & protection against pilferage, creates a holistic improved efficiency, automation of tasks and alerts, send debtor statements in a systematic manner, automation of processes reducing human intervention and error

Mr. George Bonello, CEO, Salon Services

“Here at Salon Services we offer beauty products to a vast range of retailers. As we are one of the leaders in our industry and we have opted for a system which has definitely helped us increase our competitive advantage.

These guys have delivered a system that enables us collect and process sales data much more efficiently and therefore also to manage and reward the effort of our sales team better.

Using their Tablets the sales people can communicate with the system on a real-time basis, keeping us immediately informed of their current location, their client’s visit schedule, and the immediate recording of sales orders and deliveries. It has also enabled us to reconcile takings in a more efficient manner. Focus 360 also provides us with immediate feedback from our clients and which has in turn enhanced our relationship with our clients.”

Mr. Robert Micallef, CEO, Office Group

“OGL is the official distributor in Malta for Konica Minolta and Develop with over 30 years of partnership, having vast clientele in both Malta and North Africa . Committed to provide our clients with the highest quality of products, we specialise in document management systems and services, enabling customers to improve document workflow, cut costs and increase efficiency via premium brands such as Konica Minolta, Oce, Laurel, EBA and Unibind.

Focus has delivered us a system that helps us keep track of our inventory and efficiently manage our finances. The system intelligently automates the issuing of accurate bills covering the various types of agreements that we have with our clients for the leasing and maintenance of Konica Minolta printing equipment. We continuously strive for improvement and Focus enabled us to keep a constant monitoring of our clients and maintain a high standard throughout, by effectively prompting us immediately in all aspects of our clients needs.”

Mr. Jonathan Sammut, Accounts Department Manager, Frank Salt

“Frank Salt established itself over the years as perhaps the leading real estate agency in Malta and Gozo, dealing mainly with sale and letting of residential and commercial properties.

To us Focus 360 provides an extensive suite of utilities that enables us to manage our finances in an efficient and effective manner. The system is extremely user friendly and facilitates our daily work through automation. It provides seamless integration with various other systems used in our departments. The system also enables us to issue management reports to the various departments within the organisation at the click of a button, helping them to keep abreast of the operation of their part of the business and consequently their bottom line.”

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