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Agilis XRM Business Solutions

In partnership with Klient Informatics, Agilis is proud to offer Microsoft XRM Business Solutions for your business.

We specialise in XRM providing businesses solution integrating customer relationship management and tailoring your line of business that suites your business needs.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is an excellent development platform; we use it for our rapid software development and offer you the choice and ability to work in your existing environment with full integration with your Microsoft Office products. You can choose between having the software installed at on-premises or use the Cloud based system.

CRM Anywhere

Today’s businesses use a wide variety of technology platforms and form factors across many different locations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the most popular web browsers running on both PC and Apple Macintosh computers. This includes browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari running on PC, Apple Macintosh or iPad. It also delivers a range of rich device-specific applications for popular mobile devices that keeps the user informed and productive when they are out of the office. Flexibility of device and browser, coupled with the productivity features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enables individuals to access the right information at the right time on the right device.

The Results

New Sales Opportunities

Enables the capture and classification of detailed customer information so you can accurately track and respond throughout the sales cycle. CRM automates routine tasks so you can spend more time on strategic sales issues.

Improved Customer Services

Helps you take a proactive approach to customer service. With up-to-date and complete customer information at their fingertips, your employees can resolve customer issues more quickly and successfully, creating more selling opportunities.

Better Decision Making

Provides a 360 Degree view across the business and enables comprehensive reports of customer behaviours, marketing campaign results and sales activity so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Klient Informatics head office is located in the heart of London’s West End. They have built up a strong portfolio working with online and on premises technical software solutions for a wide range of business and industry sectors.