IT Security for Non-Technical Users - Agilis

IT Security for Non-Technical Users


The aim of this course is to raise awareness and to highlight best practices for non-technical users.  Without going into technical detail, participants will get an overview of what lies behind common technologies and various Internet services, and how malicious entities will try to exploit social media, Wi-Fi and other platforms to lure unsuspecting users into actions that lead to unintended consequences.


Module 1: Information and the Value of Information Module 2: Overview Module 3: Data States Module 4: Goals and Concerns Module 5: Overview of Common Technologies Module 6: A non-technical user friendly look under the hood of common technologies Module 7: Information Lifecycle Module 8: A Risk Based Approach Module 9: Security Best Practices and Principles of Data Security Module 10: WiFi, Browsing, Email, Mobile Devices, Social Networks, etc

Learning Outcomes

Starting with an overview of Information and its value and then going through common technologies in use today, this course will show attendees and raise awareness on how and why attackers may exploit these technologies.

Participants and Requirements

Anyone working in an office environment. Applies to all industries where employees use email, browse the Internet or use any other program to carry out their daily tasks. Ideal to raise awareness in an organization. No minimum requirements.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

6 hours