Introduction to R - Agilis

Introduction to R


R provides a wide variety of statistical techniques and graphical capabilities that will assist the attendees of this course in their research areas. This course will help students familiarize themselves with the R environment and different object types in R such that they may use the R environment to perform a number statistical test and analysis. There is an Examination at the end of this course.


Module 1: R and Why R Module 2: Data Manipulation, Calculation and Display Module 3: Vectors and Vector Arithmetic Module 4: Objects and Attributes Module 5: Matrices, Factors Module 6: Lists Module 7: Data Frames Module 8: Functions Module 9: Data Analysis Module 10: Graphics

Learning Outcomes

This course will allow attendees to familiarize with the style of R.  Students will learn how to import and manipulate data in the R environment, by using various objects that exist within R.  Attendees will also have a hands-on session on Data Analysis and Visualization.

Participants and Requirements

This course is intended for professionals in disciplines that require data manipulation. Participants will need to bring their own a laptop with R and R Studio installed, and they may also bring a copy of their own data (in CSV format) to use during the course. A good grasp of basic statistics will also help attendees make the best of this course.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

6 hours