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Agilis and Intersystems

Agilis Ltd is proud to represent Intersystems in Malta. Please find below a full overview of Intersystems services.

Breakthroughs in Connected Health

Executives in all healthcare organizations want to make breakthroughs in delivering patient care and controlling costs. There is growing recognition that the best way to achieve these goals is by implementing a “connected health” strategy that links all data, applications and processes to provide access to comprehensive patient records and real-time analytics. With connected health, clinicians can get the patient information they need to make better decisions, and costs can be lowered by eliminating duplicate tests and gaining operational efficiencies. You’ll make breakthroughs in connected health with our advanced technologies.

Strategic Interoperability
Active Analytics
Engaged patient and physician communities
Unified healthcare information system

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Core Banking

Major financial services firms gain insights on over 100 million customers using InterSystems-based data management and analytics systems. Traditional banks and new entries into the market must be able to innovate and adapt quickly to these challenges if they’re to survive and thrive.

The banking industry is changing rapidly
The data platform approach to innovation

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