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What is the Blockchain?


The Blockchain is a technology in its infancy, with the potential to disrupt a number of businesses and activities. This short introductory course will give you an overview of what the Blockchain is, how it can be used, what potential it brings and what advantages it affords over current technologies, practices and policies. 'What is the Blockchain?' is Module 1 of a three module course. Sign up for either separate modules or register for all three. A discount is available for booking the complete course in advance.


What is the Blockchain
  • A short history of the Bitcoin
  • Brief overview of how the Blockchain works
  • Why the Blockchain is 'a big deal'
Blockchains and Bitcoin
  • History of digital currencies, virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • History and Uses of Bitcoin
  • Using Bitcoins
  • Acquiring Bitcoins
  • Storing Bitcoins safely, securely and conveniently
  • Sending and Receiving Bitcoins
How Bitcoin works
  • Transactions
  • Mining
  • Spending
  • The secret keys to Bitcoin
A different Blockchain: The Ethereum
  • A new computing paradigm: decentralized computing
  • The Smart Contract
    • Motivation for the Ethereum
    • Business model automation
    • Use cases
  • The automation of governance
  • How does Ethereum work

Learning Outcomes

Attending this course will provide opportunity to grasp the fundementals of blockchain technology, and understand more about its practical application and uses in a number of business sectors.

Participants and Requirements

Some of the many sectors suitable for blockchain awareness include banking; investment; executive/non-executive directors for MFSA entities; corporate service providers; financial/tax advisors; audit & accounting; compliance officials; brokers and financial market operators; insurance and risk; lawyers, legal and notary; legislators & regulators; financial authorities; iGaming & IT; real estate; business strategists; journalists.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

3 hours