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The Blockchain in Legal, Health, Insurance & Public Services


While the Blockchain was born as the underlying technology of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and is considered as a disruptive and transformative technology for financial services, it has equally spectacular applications in the field of insurance, healthcare, legal services and public services. This short course will provide you with an overview of how the technology can affect these sectors. ‘The Blockchain in Legal, Health, Insurance & Public Services’ is Module 3 of a three module course. Sign up for either separate modules or register for all three. A discount is available for booking the complete course in advance.


Module 1: Overview of What is the Blockchain? (i.e. summary of Module 1)
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Storage of transactions
  • Timestamping
  • Consensus
  • Peer-to-peer transfer of value and disintermediation
Module 2: Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchains
  • Decentralized: Permissionless and public Blockchains
    • Examples of Decentralized Blockchains
  • Centralized: Permissioned and private Blockchains
    • Examples of Centralized BlockchainsCases/opportunities for insurance, and legal services
  • Digital asset ownership (colored coins)
  • Time-stamped records
  • Title and proof of ownership
  • Smart contracts
  • Digital identity
Module 3: Cases opportunities for Public Services
  • Certificate (Birth, Marriage, Death, …)
  • Taxation (Income Return, VAT Declaration, National Insurance, Customs/Trade Records, …)
  • Licenses (Driving, Trading, Professional, …)
  • Identity records (Passport, Residency, Health Records, Company Formation, …)
  • Ownership/Title Records (Land & Property, Vehicles, Ships & Aircrafts, Trademarks, Patents, …)
  • Other (Power of Attorney, Wills/Succession, Election Registry, Tendering/Purchasing, Academic Records, …)

Learning Outcomes

Attending this course will provide participants with an understanding of how the blockchain impacts the legal, healthcare, in surance and public services sectors. It will help participants to prepare a strategy for dealing with the blockchain in their organisation using practical examples and use cases in a number of these business sectors.

Participants and Requirements

- Insurance and risk professionals - Lawyers, legal and notarial professionals - Legislators and regulators - Financial authorities representatives and public service officers - Journalists


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

3 hours