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Being on the Cutting Edge

It’s hard to remain on the cutting edge.

You get into technology because it excites you, because it’s fun and because, well, you look cool to many people if you know about new tech. You work hard keeping up to date, you learn new languages, new platforms, apps and frameworks, you pride yourself on knowing all those complex IT terms and practices that techy people know. You stand apart, you’re the go-to person for any question about how to do something or get something done or find out about something, in all things tech. You’re the guru.

But sometimes, when you get home after a long day at tech-personing and you’re browsing your social feeds and scanning your favourite blogs or looking up some new development, the sheer exhaustion of information overload hits you. That sensation of everything swimming before your eyes, making no sense, of the total pointlessness of even attempting to keep up with the trends, the skills, the know how. Standing under the Twitter firehose of useful network contacts can be completely dispiriting, overwhelming, like a party when everyone is drunk and all shouting louder and louder to be heard over the cacophony. This massive tidal wave of words and links and images that you will never ever have time to take in suddenly sucks you down and you think you’ll go under.

You’re not alone. We all feel like this, sometimes quite often. But hope is at hand – we can hold back the tide!

Managing your content streams is a big challenge, but there are ways to get some control over the deluge. Organisation is the key, putting the technology available to work for you, to do all the things tech is good at doing, and leave you more time to read and learn all that stuff you’re so keen on.

Here’s a list of six (we all love lists) software tools to get yourself familiar with. In coming articles, I’ll be reviewing each of these tools and more, plus show how they can connect together to make your life a paperless organisational dream. Bookmark this page for updates.

  • Hootsuite – a great way to manage your three main accounts all in one place, and the ,majority of your scheduling
  • Buffer – same but different to Hootsuite
  • Evernote – the best source in the techo-sphere to professionally organise posts entries, share content with colleagues, cloud host all your documents in a platform agnostic environment
  • IFTTT and Zapier – make your tech work with other tech by setting up actions, there are literally thousands of script recipes available, no code skills necessary for 90% of this
  • Google Keep – another very efficient note keeper, in my view best used for general lists and reminders
  • Google Tasks – a great way to have a hub of all those important emails you lose track of quickly – a subject line is often missing, often email addresses are generic. Tasks will help you

Get your life together, stop being a semi hysterical information drowner. Start being that tech guru professional you know you are.

Author: Pen Lister

Pen Lister is Academic Lead at Agilis, and has fifteen plus years in tech and new media, the last ten years spent lecturing at a London University. She’s now living in Malta, doing a PhD in augmented reality learning.
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