Agile Estimation and Planning Workshop - Agilis

Agile Estimation and Planning Workshop


One of the most crucial and important aspects of agile development is estimating and planning your project. Thought ‘agile’ is an iterative process, estimating and planning are major success factors for the overall outcome of the game so have a crucial place in programming and agile project management technique and approach. This one day course will go through the ins and outs of estimating and planning agile projects during a hands-on, fullday session. Using exercises and examples, the concepts of user story estimation, team velocity and iteration planning are covered. Find out how to calculate optimal team sizes and iteration durations, and learn what Story Points, Ideal Developer Days, Velocity, Planning Poker and Wideband Delphi signify in agile project management to benefit your organisation


Module 1: Agile Methodologies Module 2: Agile Manifesto Module 3: Agile Principles Module 4: Agile Vs. Traditional Module 5: Agile Project Management Framework Module 6: Agile Estimation Module 7:  How to Estimate Module 8: Agile Planning

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course, participants will have gained knowledge and experience in:
  • Iteration planning basics – how to calculate iteration length and prioritize features
  • Agile estimation tools and templates
  • How to present and update agile estimates and plans
  • A well-rounded set of agile project planning and estimating techniques and principles
  • Estimation and planning exercises to use on your own projects
  • Understanding of common estimation omissions and what to check for
  • How to plan iterations based on business value, risks, and project characteristics

Participants and Requirements

Project Managers, Team Leads, ScrumMasters, Program Managers, Tech Leads and any other team members involved in understanding project workflow and management techniques.


Certificate of attendance

Course Duration

7 hours