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Understanding Malware

malware threats


You might think that if you don't receive any notifications of any malware being detected on your infrastructure, it means that you're infrastructure is clean. But malicious software is attacking many businesses daily, often without anyone knowing it's happening... During this session, we will identify the different types of malware present in today’s internet-based world as well as discuss various case-studies involving multi-type malware, their importance to the criminal world and as a cyber-weapon. We will also discuss ways of how to prevent malware propagation over your infrastructure and how to contain and preserve malware for reverse engineering purposes.


  • Learn about different types of malware
  • Characteristics of malware
  • Malware propogation techniques
  • Best practices during a malware attack incident
  • The value of malware analysis following an incident

Learning Outcomes

On completion of attendance to this course, participants will be more aware of malware definitions and signs of attack, best practice in malware detection and protection mechanisms.
  • Identifying malware behavior
  • Educating every IT user on how to react to a malware incident
  • Current malware challenges and risk to data availability and integrity
  • Know what to do to help to minimize damage and impact from malware attacks

Participants and Requirements

Non technical professionals and mid management involved in the day-to-day running of any business making use of digital technology and online connectivity.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

5 hours