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Strategic Thinking and Organisational Planning


Effective business leadership in today's competitive marketplace requires more strategically orientated decision-making, both on an individual as well as on a team/company basis. An individual's ability to make strategically sound decisions involves several skills. The purpose of this program is to help course participants gain a greater knowledge of the essence of strategy, the ability to think strategically and the need to use these strategic thinking capabilities under competitive pressure. In sum, participants will be able to develop a strategic orientation that will endure under competitive pressure.


Day 1: Competitive Fitness & Strategic Planning
  • An Overview of Strategic Planning
  • Effectiveness, organisation, resources
  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Leadership
Day 2: Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Vision and Mission Statement
  • Competitor analysis
Day 3: Analysing the Organisation
  • The International Context and Globalisation Strategy
  • Company Situation Analysis and Environment Analysis
  • Marketing and Commerical
  • The Competition
Day 4: Bringing Strategy to Life
  • Financial management
  • Developing and aligning action plans to the strategy
  • Measurements and Accountability
  • Strategic review

Learning Outcomes

The key learning competencies emphasized during this course focus upon:
  • the acquisition of a strategic and holistic perspective to the organisation’s operations
  • understanding the origins of strategy, importance of organisational planning and application of strategic thinking in daily operations
Other knowledge and competency areas include:
  • Understanding the role that senior executives must play in the development of a competitive and strategic culture inside the organization
  • Focusing on the strategy and objectives of the organisation. What is really important to you and your organization?
  • How to focus on operational objectives, and how these fit into the organisation’s corporate strategy.
  • How to analyse the organisation critically from the external and internal points of view.
  • Understanding competitive advantage, and how this can be achieved.
  • Learning from masters of strategy outside of business: in the armed forces, games, sports and diplomacy.

Participants and Requirements

Senior executives or managers with responsibility for business decisions, those in leadership roles, i.e. business owners and executives, divisional managers or lead supervisors and those developing or helping to realize company strategic plans.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

4 days