Risk Assessment for Asset Protection - Agilis

Risk Assessment for Asset Protection


By knowing how the criminal works and what they are looking for, we can better prevent and manage our risks from being exploited. In these sessions, attendees will be involved in various exercises whereby they will impersonate both the criminals present in the cyber-world as well as company insiders, by-passing the majority of the security mechanisms traditionally in-place within organizations. We will discuss risk-assessment in the data security field and how a tick-box approach is not the best method of identifying risks.


  • Practical sessions in:
    • Who is the criminal
    • What tools are available out-there for the criminal
    • Risk assessment in the data security world
    • The value of open-source intelligence against cyber-criminals
    • Dealing with insider threats

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will benefit from gaining hands on experience of cyber criminal techniques and how to protect their organisation from both external cyber threats as well as danger of 'insider' betrayal of trust and mechanisms to avoid employee data asset exploitation.

Participants and Requirements

Non technical professionals and mid management involved in the day-to-day running of any business making use of digital technology and online connectivity and junior to mid level IT team members who may want to add to their practical hands on experience.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

5 hours