Introduction to LinkedIn for Professionals - Agilis

Introduction to LinkedIn for Professionals


"An Afternoon On LinkedIn" This afternoon session will offer the main considerations for getting the most benefit from your LinkedIn profile as a professional. We’ll discuss what you should be aware of, how things work and where to place the most emphasis and focus. Our trainer is a seasoned pro on social media platforms having worked with a variety of sectors. Sharing case study anecdotes in the context of platform skills and understanding, you’ll gain knowledge simply by listening to his tips and tricks of this sometimes complex trade.


  • The basics of a solid LinkedIn profile
  • Using LinkedIn as a lead magnet for qualified leads
  • How to use the LinkedIn publisher platform (and why)
  • Using LinkedIn groups to drive traffic to your site and establish yourself as an authority in the area

Learning Outcomes

After attending this session you’ll have more understanding of technical and business aspects of using the LinkedIn social networking platform.
  • How to create the best profile for you
  • How to build leads from your profile
  • What the LinkedIn publishing platform is and how you benefit from being proactive with it
  • Why being proactive with LinkedIn groups benefits both your website and your profile visibility

Participants and Requirements

Any mid level or senior professional, as well as graduates determined to progress with their career.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 hours