The Financial Psychology of Succession Planning - Agilis

The Financial Psychology of Succession Planning


This short course will help you to focus on understanding how to succession plan for your organisation, ensuring staff are ready to move into key roles whenever they are needed and ready. What is succession planning and what role does it play in your organization?  Succession Planning is a systematic process where Managers identify, assess and develop their staff to make sure that they are ready and able to assume key roles within the organization.  Succession Planning performs the role of an audit check whereby all key processes and key personnel are identified, as well as the respective contingencies should these be necessary. Having this process in place is key to the long-term survival and growth of an organization, as it gears itself to meet present and future challenges through the optimization of its’ available resources. THIS COURSE IS PART OF  ‘THE FINANCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF…’ SERIES OF SHORT COURSES AVAILABLE AT AGILIS STUDIO ACADEMY.


  • Understanding the financial importance of succession planning
  • Succession planning as a means to achieve greater operational efficiency
  • Developing others to take our place
  • Contingency plans for role replacement
  • Employee mobility and the effects on organizational profitability
  • Succession planning: planning for success
  • Case studies from the local scene, where the succession planning worked
  • The perspective of employee value and the equivalent market value
  • The succession planning process: 4 step cyclical process that ensures business continuity
  • Using succession plans as a means to check utilization of talent
  • Using succession planning as a basis for other HR strategies
  • Succession planning and the organizational culture

Learning Outcomes

Participants on this course will benefit from:
  • A greater understanding of how to plan for key roles replacement
  • Strategies to develop and prepare employees for role mobility
  • Greater understanding of financial benefits of succession planning for their organisation
  • Greater understanding of employee value and market value in realtion to their organisation

Participants and Requirements

Staff with responsibility for HR management or team leading, those who may contribute to HR department strategy within organisation work practices.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 hours