The Financial Psychology of HR Audits - Agilis

The Financial Psychology of HR Audits


This short course will run you through all the main considerations when preparing for and carrying out an HR Audit for your organisation. The purpose of conducting an organizational HR Audit is to provide management with a clear indication of whether the major Human Resources industry practices are being implemented within the organization. Through this audit, the current organizational setup will be analyzed and recommendations put forward on what needs to be done to improve the organisation’s results through its’ people management practices. In so doing, the organisation will be able to tap in to the creativity, innovation and decisiveness of its’ major resource for the benefit of the organisation. THIS COURSE IS PART OF  ‘THE FINANCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF…’ SERIES OF SHORT COURSES AVAILABLE AT AGILIS STUDIO ACADEMY.


  • Independent assessment of the current HR practices and comparisons with industry practice;
  • SWOT analysis of current practices in HR terms;
  • Recommendations by an experienced HR Professional proposing changes to existing practices or introduction of new practices;
  • Certification of HR practice according to the criteria level met by the organisation;
  • Identification of areas for improvement to enhance business performance;
  • Critical analysis of the performance management process in view of organizational requirements;
  • Checklist of HR opportunities for improvement that may be introduced in the organisation to improve performance;
  • Compliance checks with all relevant employment legislation;
  • Compliance checks with acceptable industry HR practices;
  • Tailor-made independent advice from an industry expert on a range of HR business matters;
  • Outline for the formulation of an HR business strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Key areas of HR practice and requirements for effective working will be outlined, providing the participant with the following core  knowledge areas, developing their critical thinking, understanding and awareness of their own HR departments.
  • Understand analysis systems for HR effective practice using SWAT
  • Critical analysis awareness of HR practice within an organisation
  • Compliance checks relevant to legislation
  • Developing suitable HR strategy

Participants and Requirements

Staff with responsibility for HR management or team leading, those who may contribute to HR department strategy within organisation work practices.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 hours