The Financial Psychology of Employee Engagement - Agilis

The Financial Psychology of Employee Engagement


This short course will help you to focus on how to engage your staff, making a happier and more effective team and a more productive workplace environment. A lot of research has been made on the importance of employee engagement within an organization, and the contribution that this has on an organisation’s success. But the special thing about employee engagement is that engaged employees really do shine brighter than disengaged employees. So how exactly do you keep employees engaged with the organization? This brief course seeks to provide insights from experience to stimulate further the organisation’s desire not only to retain its’ top talent, but more importantly to keep these persons engaged and driven by the corporate strategy. THIS COURSE IS PART OF  ‘THE FINANCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF…’ SERIES OF SHORT COURSES AVAILABLE AT AGILIS STUDIO ACADEMY.


  • Developing employee engagement within the organization
  • Capitalising on employees’ strengths to the advantage of the organization
  • Employee involvement, employee appreciation and employee development
  • Valuing employees’ contributions
  • Putting employees’ enthusiasm and motivation to good use.
  • The fine line between Employee Engagement and Employee Disengagement
  • Open communication channels
  • Learning from mistakes and sharing successes
  • Celebrating diversity within the organization
  • How to reward engaged employees
  • The link between employee engagement and financial performance

Learning Outcomes

Participants on this course will benefit from:
  • Creative thinking and awareness around how to get employees and teams working with energy and enthusiam
  • Ideas and approaches for strategy in coping with disengaged employees
  • How to best capitalise on those who are coming up with contributions to make work life more effective and engaging for everyone

Participants and Requirements

Staff with responsibility for HR management or team leading, those who may contribute to HR department strategy within organisation work practices.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 hours