The Financial Psychology of Employee Branding - Agilis

The Financial Psychology of Employee Branding


This short course will help you to focus on how to engage your staff to become ambassadors for your organisation. It is universally accepted and agreed that employees are a major asset and source of goodwill of successful organisations. Modern organisations are thriving through the effective use of social media channels, with a far greater outreach to all stakeholders at a fraction of the time and cost that would be incurred if traditional methods were used.  In this sense, the most effective means of improving the organisation’s brand value is to improve employees’ branding. This can be done in several ways, yet necessarily depends upon employees’ engagement. THIS COURSE IS PART OF  ‘THE FINANCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF…’ SERIES OF SHORT COURSES AVAILABLE AT AGILIS STUDIO ACADEMY.


  • Branding the organization and creating the link between the employees and the organization
  • Focusing on the additional worth that employees generate within the organization
  • Understanding and valuing the labour market value and the commercial market value of individual employees
  • Celebrating employee achievements and successes
  • Understanding the importance of independent assessments of employees
  • Convincing employees to act as ambassadors of the organization
  • Allowing employees to develop a separate identity from the organization
  • Understanding how to benefit from employees’ enhanced personal brands
  • Investing in employees’ individual branding

Learning Outcomes

Participants on this course benefit from consideration of factors relating to staff as ambassadors of their organisation, and the role of staff in social media and their own personal lives as representatives of the company.

Participants and Requirements

Staff with responsibility for HR management or team leading, those who may contribute to HR department strategy within organisation work practices.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 hours