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Effective Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills


The interview and selection of the right people is essential to the success of every team and organization. However, the process of interview and selection is costly both in terms of time and resources particularly if the wrong decision is reached. It is critical that the right candidate is appointed first time. This practical interview and selection skills training course will provide individuals with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to conducting a successful selection process.


DAY ONE: Outline of the Recruitment and Selection Process

  • Preliminary Considerations and Methods of recruitment
  • Key documents in the recruitment and selection process
  • Identifying your role and responsibilities as a member of the Selection Board
  • Understanding recruitment mistakes
  • Selection Overview - The Four Step Process

DAY TWO:  Interviewing

  • Conducting Successful Interviews
  • Keeping the interview on track
  • Identifying candidate's qualities, attributes and skills
  • Employment legislation and successful interviewing
  • Practical session: Interview simulation - delegates will be given opportunities to conduct an interview in a supportive and risk free environment

DAY THREE:  Interpersonal Communication

  • Effective Questioning and Listening
    • Questioning techniques - open and closed questions
    • Developing active listening skills
    • Probing questions - seeking clarification of answers
  • Note-taking - recording information for future use
  • Interview Review - the Post interview assessment
    • Reviewing candidate's qualities, attributes and skills
    • Selecting the right candidate
    • Skills Profiles and Profile Assessment Questionnaire

Learning Outcomes

The course will enable course participants to focus upon the following areas:
  • Analyzing applications received for the post(s) to be filled. What to look out for in applications – how to shortlist candidates from applications received
  • Approaching the shortlisted candidates – contact and first analysis
  • How to use different methods of selection according to requirements
  • How to prepare for and conduct effective interviews
  • Using interpersonal skills during the selection process
  • Selecting the right candidate
  • How to approach the selected candidate(s), the art of negotiation
  • How to conduct a post audit of the selection process

Participants and Requirements

Course participants should include managers, professionals and other employees who are required to take part in selection and interviewing, and those who administer HR recruitment and need to have a good understanding of the recruitment and selection process.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

3 days