Banking Systems - Agilis

Banking Systems

Over the years Agilis has designed and developed many fully integrated Banking System solutions ranging from simple solutions handling Client Direct Credit processes to more complex and highly regulated Loan Management Solutions.

Our Loan Management Solutions handle ‘walk-in new’ or existing bank account clientele who request a loan quotation for a variety of loan products such as various mortgages and business loans.

The Loan Approval workflow is fully automated for all stages of issue, inlcuding the sanction letter and all the necessary financial accounts and collateral which might need to be created.

Within the collateral module, all the necessary security items such as Life and House Insurance Policies, Funds at Banks, Stocks and Shares together with all the necessary hypothecs (loan collatoral) are monitored for all eventual and periodical regulatory bodies reporting.

Other functionality that is included:

  • Multi-Currency
  • Account Grading – The Monitoring of Non-Performing Loans with also the option of charging additional interest for accounts in arrears
  • The automation of Repayment deduction, whether the Repayment is deducted from the Accrued Interest, Other Charges and / or Principle
  • Sales Portal offering Loan Quotations (various loan types) whether loans are computed taking into consideration the Capital and Interest, Interest Only and Fixed Rate Loans
  • Loan Repayment Schedules with the possibility of being calculated with¬†different repayment methods, such as with various number of days for interest¬†computation (eg. 360, 365 days) with different repayment frequencies
  • With inbuilt monitoring for Money Laundering purposes
  • Automated Base Rate Changes
  • With all the necessary audit requirements in place, thus allowing for account /profile amendment authorisation