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Training Needs and ROI Analysis


Effective Training Needs Analysis and Calculating ROI on Training

Training Needs Analysis are normally carried out to identify the training needs required by employees to cope with their work demands, to meet their skill shortages and to eventually add value to what the organisation is doing. However many times training identified does not result in the desired benefits – we normally shift responsibility onto the employee for not having learnt well what has been taught, but could this be the result of a mismatch between the training identified and the training given? This course will introduce a simple and effective method of carrying out the most appropriate Training Needs Analysis, as well as calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) that the investment in Training will result in. This two-session course provides a basic understanding of the different learning styles of people, and which appropriate methods may be adopted to identify the more appropriate training initiatives and activities that would improve the success rate of training.
Our trainer is an experienced Human Resources Management professional, with over 20 years work experience in people management and industrial relations in various industries including telecommunications, foreign direct investment, marine and shipyards, call centres, manufacturing, oil and gas, and I.T. During his experience, he has worked primarily in human resources management, but has also acquired direct experience in financial management, commercial services, strategy and business management.


Session 1 – Effective Training Needs Analysis

  • Defining Training and Development
  • The strategic importance of Training
  • How do People Learn?
  • Kolb’s Learning Styles
  • Methods for identifying the needs for Training
  • Carrying out a Training Needs Analysis
  • Mapping Training Needs with Learning Styles
  • Priorities and Trade-Offs of Training: when training should not be provided

Session 2 – Calculating the Return on Investment on Training

  • The financial and non-financial impact of Training
  • Linking Training with Organisational Performance
  • Identifying all relevant Costs and Benefits of Training
  • ROI: Calculating the additional value generated from Training
  • Post-delivery analysis – comparing actual results with perceived benefits
  • The hard evidence of successful training activities
  • Can Training fail to meet its’ objectives?

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course participants should be able to:
  • Understand the nature of the need of continuous training and development
  • Understand people’s different learning styles and how to customise training activities to maximise results of training
  • Carry out a simple but effective Training Needs Analysis
  • Identify the additional value that the investment in Training should generate for the organisation
  • Understand and make use of the available sources of information to identify Training Needs
  • Identify the costs and benefits associated with Training
  • Work out the Return on Investment on individual training activities being considered
  • Determine if the investment in Training met the initial objectives of such Training

Participants and Requirements

This two-session training course is ideal for human resources professionals, all levels of management, corporate administrators and anyone working with the identification of training needs and the subsequent approval of training activities for employees.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

7 hours