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Leadership Development, Self-Awareness, Skills & Strategies


This course is intended to help current and potential leaders to focus further upon their own personal strengths, and develop a winning mentality that will enable them to deal with the different challenges that they face in their respective work environments. During this course, participants will be introduced to various techniques for identifying and working with their own and other individuals’ strengths, for the good of the organisation. The instruction of this dynamic course will consist of content lecture, video dramatizations, assessments, engaging class discussions, and many exercises to make the learning come alive. Because Leadership Development: Self-Awareness, Skills and Strategies is so extensive in scope, the course will be delegate-centered and need-driven. The actual extent and time allocated to each topic will be determined by initial and daily observations of their relevance to the delegates day-to-day work requirements.
Some course objectives:
  • View leadership from a new and higher-level perspective
  • Discover and analyze your leadership style and tendencies
  • Grow in personal power and effectiveness
  • Discover and build upon your intrinsic leadership qualities
  • Understand, develop and employ the emotional forces within you
  • Develop the critical interpersonal skills essential for leading others
  • Discover and analyse your personal strengths and winning characteristics
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Day 1: Master Keys of Effective Leadership

  • The principles of leadership
  • The mind of the leader
  • The heart of the leader
  • The practices of effective leaders
  • The five roles leaders play
  • Leadership self assessment
  • Rebalance your leadership style for optimal results

Day 2: Towards Emotional Self-Awareness

  • Growing your personal power
  • Achieving emotional excellence
  • Self leadership through inner mastery
  • Success through a positive attitude
  • Your time and your life
  • Increasing personal productivity
  • Direction through personal Integrity
  • Designing a strategic plan for your life and career

Day 3: Mastering People Skills

  • Understanding Interdependence
  • Wining through effective communication
  • The active listening model
  • The four styles of communication
  • Dealing with conflict constructively
  • Using the principles of influence & persuasion
  • Speaking and presenting skillfully
  • The art of win-win negotiation

Day 4: Building and Leading Extraordinary Teams

  • How a high performing team differs from a traditional work group
  • The three elements of high performance teams
  • Understanding the four types of teams
  • The stages of team development
  • Team dynamics: How teams really work
  • Understanding and optimizing team member styles
  • Leading through trust
  • Leading through change

Day 5: Performance Management

  • Igniting team creativity
  • The art of practical coaching
  • Conducting effective performance discussions
  • Positive discipline through expectations
  • Delegating and empowering the right way
  • The situation leadership model
  • How to analyze development needs
  • Using effective tools for managing performance

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the following competencies will be increased for those in leadership roles:
  • Accelerate their career development
  • Understand themselves and their potential more clearly
  • Recognize their own emotions as well as the emotions of others
  • Resolve conflict more effectively
  • Improve their ability to communicate, influence and work with others
  • Understand others attitudes and strong points to be able to compromise in achieving the organisation’s objectives

Participants and Requirements

This course program will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills and develop their personal power and effectiveness, including managers, team leaders, supervisors, line management professionals and project managers.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

5 Sessions of 6 hours each