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Performance in Multi-Project Environments


The course objective is to teach how executive decision making impacts the business value generated by an organization where multiple, concurrent projects need to be executed with shared resources. Managers will learn to reduce time to market and increase throughput and productivity by making the right decisions about prioritization, scheduling, conflict resolution, resource contention and many aspects that are often considered as the responsibility of project management, but that in reality can be influenced much more by executive decision making in terms of the effective business value generated. The course is about organizational execution management rather than project/portfolio management.


  1. High-performance organizations
  2. Introduction to TameFlow
  3. Introduction to Operational Flow
  4. How executive decisions impact batch sizes
  5. How executive decisions impact operational communication, coordination and synchronization
  6. Introduction to Constraints Management
  7. Management attention is the greatest constraint
  8. How executive decisions impact speed of performance
  9. Introduction to Multi-Project Environments
  10. How executive decisions impact portfolio performance
  11. Flow of information
  12. Overview of application areas of constraints management

Learning Outcomes

Key learning outcomes are listed below. For more detail and further information on the whole course, please contact us using the enquiry button on this page.
  • What are high performance organizations
  • What is TameFlow and how it can be incorporated into your organisation
  • How to make Executive Decisions
  • What is Constraint Management
  • How to manage multi-project environments

Participants and Requirements

Previous Management experience or Management Education is recommended


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

7 hours