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In Malta, there are now a few schemes available to encourage and fund, training and development. One scheme is directed at employers and there are two other schemes available for individuals. Below is a short description of each.



For the Employer


Make the most of your Training Budget

The new funding scheme aimed at employers, is called Investing in Skills. It is administered by Jobsplus and was launched in April 2017, and will go on until June 2020.

Depending on the size and the annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total your organisation could benefit from 50% to 70% refund on the eligible costs.

Agilis Academy’ courses are eligible for this funding. The scheme is more streamlined, and easier than the previous funding scheme. Further Agilis Academy can assist you in your application for these funds. Contact Agilis Academy here.

More details can be found here,
or contact us on 9905 2959 or


For the Individual


Are you looking for that training to strengthen or expand your skills, or that will help you make your next career move?

Many local organisations today are looking for industry certified ICT team members. Are you that one step away from achieving this?

Is there any other training you are looking for, in Management, Human Resources or other soft skills?


Now it costs less for your company to train you.

Are you looking for your Organisation to fund your training, but have been unsuccessful as yet?

Your organisation can now can get from 50% to 70 % refund on the training costs they pay for you.

You can approach your Human Resources Department and ask them to apply for your training under the Investing In Skills Scheme so that it will cost them less. Please find details here.


Are you looking for training independently from your employer?

The Get Qualified incentive is administered by the Malta Enterprise and is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses, and who finance their own studies. Courses must be classified as level 5 or higher under the MQF grading structure.

Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit, therefore recovering up to 70% of the costs incurred.

Agilis Academy provides specialised industry certified training courses which qualify for this scheme, under section 3b of the Guidelines. We can also assist you in applying for this fiscal benefit.

Full scheme details can be found here or contact us on 9905 2959 or


Train yourself further to get into or back into the labour market

The Training Pays Scheme administered by Jobsplus, aims to assist individuals to develop their skills by participating in further off-the-job vocational education and training. To be eligible for this grant, courses must be classified as level 1 – 5 under the MQF grading structure.

The grant shall be equivalent to 75% of the direct training cost excluding VAT, capped at a maximum amount of €1,000. Grant will be reimbursed directly to the participant after successful completion of training. Please find full details here or contact us on 9905 2959 or


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