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Financial Planning & Control


This course will provide training on the concepts and techniques relating to Financial Planning & Control in enterprise and independent businesses, and the benefits these will bring to any organisation. The course provides instruction on the implementation of these concepts and techniques, with practical examples and case studies. Our trainer is a senior professional who is a highly experienced all-round line manager, consultant and trainer in the field of SME strategy development and implementation in both the industrial and service sectors. Further details available on enquiry.


Session 1

  • Understanding Financial Statements

  • Elements of the Profit & Loss Account

  • Elements of the Balance Sheet

  • Elements of the Cash Flow Statement

  • Financial Planning Techniques

  • Planning for Profitability

  • Revenue and Cost Analysis

  • Revenue / Cost / Volume / Profit relationships Break-Even Analysis

  • Planning for Liquidity

  • Importance of Cash Flow

  • Analysing and Forecasting Cash Flow

  • Cash vs Profits

    Session 2

  • Planning for Investment

  • Time Value of Money

  • Investment Appraisal

  • Investment Decisions

  • Planning for Financing

  • Sources of Finance

  • Debt and Equity Capital

  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

  • Accounting Ratio Analysis

  • Budgeting and Variance Analysis

  • Financial Planning in the Public Sector

  • Risk and Uncertainty

  • Benefits and Problems of Financial Planning

Learning Outcomes

By attending this course, participants will become familiar with the concepts and techniques relating to Financial Planning & Control, understand the benefits these will bring to their organisation and be in a position to implement the concepts and techniques in their organisation.

Participants and Requirements

This course is suitable for all management levels in business and government organisations, and all business owners


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

7 hrs