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Google Tools for Marketing


This course covers Google tools for advertising and marketing online. We cover search engine optimisation, understanding algorithm changes, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Aalytics. Our tutor is an experienced digital marketing professional with a lot of practical understanding and experience. We provide hands on sessions to try out what we cover, and case studies to offer real life scenearios of how to use what we cover. Using a mix of seminar and practical workshop excercsises, participants get a practical feel for what is going to work for their business.


  1. Revision of Google Tools Overview of Google tools with purpose, function and potential, including Search, Advertising and Webmaster tools
  2. Organic Optimization SEO good practice for digital content and code development. Free solutions and approaches. Understanding algorithms.
  3. Paid Advertising From Google Adwords to Adsense, ads for search, display, mobile, YouTube and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • To review and understand the tool suite from Google for online maketing
  • To understand principles and practise of serach engine optimisation for online content
  • Upskill knowledge andunderstanding of how to use Google free solutions available
  • Gain practical experience of free solutions and approaches to improve search engine results
  • Understand paid solution options and cost to return choices, for Adsense and Adwords
  • Understand good online content practice
  • Gain a foundation of understanding for analytics in relation to marketing and SEO

Participants and Requirements

Participants should have a website already, have some experience of web marketing, use Google somewhat and understand concepts like search engine optimisation and analytics.


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

21 hrs