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Building your Online Presence


This course is aimed at all beginners to the world of digital tools for business. All the main aspects to consider for small business or sole traders are covered, with easy to follow guidelines and tips for setting yourself up and developing your 'digital footprint'. Being online is not only about ecommerce, but we do cover ecommerce set ups. Everything from first steps of getting a website to how to understand why your customers come to your website is discussed, with plenty of time for questions and examples.


We cover the following essential knowledge about being online for all sole traders and small or medium sized businesses:
  • Why do I need a website?
  • What are the best and most cost effective ways of getting online?
  • Who are my online customers and why do they visit my website?
  • How can social media help my business?
  • Do I need ecommerce and if so, is it expensive to set up?
  • What are 'web analytics' and do I need to be a scientist to understand them?

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand which web content management is best for you
  • Understand basic approaches to social media for business
  • Understand how to set up an online shop using Wordpress
  • Understand how to use Paypal for online commerce
  • Understand the basics of web analytics and why they can be important to your business

Participants and Requirements

All beginners welcome!


Attendance Certificate

Course Duration

6 hrs