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BCS Green IT


Learn more about being green and saving money with your IT strategy, you know it makes sense.

Environmental concerns and climate change have been the starting point for organisations to focus on creating sustainable business practices. This is now being underpinned by international treaties and local regulations. However, every organisation has a more fundamental reason to embrace Green IT.

Put simply, Green IT means reduced energy and resource consumption resulting in reduced costs. Unlike some other Green initiatives, Green IT should lead directly to bottom line benefits for an organisation.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Green IT provides an entry level qualification for anyone who is involved in creating sustainable, energy efficient IT systems or exploiting the role of IT in helping deliver sustainable, more efficient business practices to other areas of the organisation.

The course is aimed at anyone involved or interested in Green IT as we as those within IT with relevant experience who wants to gain knowledge in this area or understand where their role fits in the wider environment of Green IT.


Key areas include:

  • The wider background to Green IT
  • Establishing a Green IT Policy
  • Establishing a Green IT Action Plan
  • Concepts and techniques for internal assessment
  • The risks and benefits of Green IT
  • The techniques and technologies available to enable Green IT
  • The role of Green IT across the organisation
  • The roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders

Please note: The subject area covered in this syllabus is constantly changing, especially national and international laws and regulations. As a result, it is essential that both trainers and candidates keep themselves up to date.

Learning Outcomes

The Foundation Course in Green IT provides an entry-level introduction across the broad range of issues associated with use of information and communications technology (ICT) to achieve sustainable ICT operations and business practices. The purpose of the Foundation Certificate in ‘Green IT’ is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of terminology, an understanding of key concepts and has comprehended the best practice principles of ‘Green IT’.

Participants and Requirements

Candidates should be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts, issues, techniques and challenges in delivering Green IT.


BCS Foundation Certificate in ‘Green IT’

Course Duration

18 hrs