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Document Management

Document Management Desktop Video Demo

Document Management Desktop offers the capture and retrieval functionality from Document Management and is available to employees that don’t have access to Opera 3. This enhances the Document Management solution into a company-wide application to help you manage one of your most important assets: paper and electronic information.



Document Management Desktop works directly from your Microsoft Windows desktop. It’s an easy retrieval system of scanned documents and electronic files held in Document Management, as well as an ad-hoc capture system to quickly store electronic files into Document Management.


Easy capture

An In-tray icon on the Windows desktop provides a quick and simple method to capture electronic files such as Word® documents or Excel® spreadsheets. You choose the Opera company you want to add the document to and enter any additional information to index the document to the relevant area in Opera 3.

After a file has been captured, the original document can be deleted so that there is only one copy of the document, which is securely stored on the Document Management server. This stops confusion about which copy of the document is the most recent.


Simple retrieval

With Document Management Desktop, you can easily retrieve and utilise any files that have been stored in Document Management, provided you have security access to that part of the system.


A good fit for all departments

Document Management is for everyone in your office and can benefit most departments. The HR department can keep staff records on file such as a CV, copy of a driver’s licence and a passport. To maintain compliance when employing foreign workers, employers must keep copies of the employee’s right to work in the UK documents on file. Make it easy with Document Management.

Typically, Customer Services receives a large amount of correspondence, so important letters can be scanned and kept on file for future reference. The Accounts department can keep supplier related documents on file, such as letters and invoices. Document Management can also benefit Marketing, Sales, Service, Project Management and more.



Document Management Desktop is a secure application: you need to have a user ID created in Opera 3. Even if you don’t use Opera 3, your Opera 3 login ID creates the security profile that determines which documents you will have access to within the system. For instance, if your user ID only allows you access to the Purchase Ledger, you will only be able to access documents associated with the Purchase Ledger such as purchase orders or supplier invoices. Also, if you have only been given access to capture documents in the Purchase Ledger, you will only be able to index them against the Purchase Ledger.



  • Reduce paper waste
  • Save on valuable office space
  • Waste less time searching for mislaid or misfiled documents
  • Keep documents in one central location for easy access
  • Improve customer care by keeping correspondence within easy reach
  • Available to everyone in the office: you don’t need to be a user of Opera 3