Interpay - Agilis


Interpay Payroll has been designed and developed to allow payroll process simplification and is user friendly.  Interpay Payroll has been implemented at numerous local sites within different business sectors; thus our customers may rest assured that Interpay backed by a fully conversant support team, is compliant with all the necessary Local Regulatory Bodies.

Some Features within Interpay are as follows:

  • Unlimited Employee Pay Processes for Full and/or Part Timers
  • Unlimited creation of Companies
  • Offers a mix of Payment Frequencies whether Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly and Monthly
  • Start and End of Year Processes
  • Unlimited amount of variable/fixed Payment types
  • Cheque and Payslip Printing
  • Direct Credits fully SEPA Compliant with the option of forwarding the Payslip via email
  • Integrates with other Bespoke HR Systems
  • Easily enhanced to integrate with other Financial Application

Are your employees forwarding a lot of vacation paperwork?  Are you finding it hard to keep control of who is out on leave?  Well then the Leave Planner module would be the right tool for you!

The Leave Planner allows your personnel to directly book any type of leave at their desk and without the need of any paperwork; all leave types are then authorized and recorded within the payroll application.

Some features within the Leave Planner are as follows:

  • Integrates with Interpay Payroll Application
  • Customizable Calendar showing Leave Requests
  • Personnel can keep track of their Leave Types without the need to wait for their payslip
  • Email Integration – Upon booking leave, emails are automatically forwarded on for approval/rejection
  • Relievers Module – Allows the smooth running of the department operations